The Talent Public School (TPS) is a CBSE affiliated secondary school run by Nusrathul Anam Trust (NAT), a charitable organization operating in the village of Vadakkangara. The NAT was formerly known as Nusrthul Islam Society (NIS) and then it was renamed and registered in the name of NAT in 1989, under the Indian Trust Act No. II of 1882. Both the Society and Trust were founded and chaired by the veteran leader Shri. Abdul Kader Moulavi, from the first day of its incorporation and until he expires in 2001. The main activities of NAT represent in promoting education and uprooting the illiteracy, backwardness and poverty in the village and nearby areas. Its headquarters is located in the heart of Vadakkangara where the TPS campus is also situated. The TPS has been contributing a lot to achieve the above mentioned objectives of the Trust. The NAT, under its current leadership, had taken a firm decision in its meeting held on 05th Jan 2016 to improve the standard of TPS to an international level. Having executed the said decision, NAT has rapidly improved the infrastructure of the school and introduced a number of programs and initiatives in a very short time. Moreover, it has recruited such a faculty who can cope with the Trust to achieve its objectives, act in accordance with the expectation of the parents and society, explore the versatile potentials of the students and contribute to make them good human beings and useful members of the society. The present target of the school, in respect of its strength, is around thousand students coming from the nearby five panchayats. It aims to graduate 100 students every year, an average of twenty students from each panchayat. The student in TPS gets from the school not only the high standard education but also other necessary care, attention and coaching, so that he can be an international citizen with high morale and character. When he graduates from TPS, he must be useful for himself, his parents, family and the society. The TPS is not a business firm and the NAT does not aim to make any financial profit out of this institution. It wants to run this school absolutely in a no profit and no loss basis. If the strength of the school increases its benefit will be equally diverted to the parents, teachers and students. The NAT understands that education is teamwork in which the management, teachers, parents, students and the society have to play their own roles. The stronger the team the better will be the result. As such, I kindly solicit all the concerned to join hands with NAT to achieve this noble cause of common interests.