Our Vision

Over the next decade, Talent Public School will evolve to become a world class institution that educate young minds for leadership and entrepreneurship.Irrespective of the curriculum we follow, we will be known for two of our signature programs namely; The leadership Program which provides opportunities for developing 21st Century Skills and The Entrepreneurship program which provides opportunities for developing skills to adapt in an ever changing business landscape. This way, we will make a positive impact and improve the world around us.

Our Mision

HOW TO PUSH THE KIDS WITHOUT PUSHING THEM OVER THE EDGE. At TALENT learning is made a joyful experience. Every child is unique and has infinite potential. We help children discover themselves, varied as they are. We embrace a philosophy of developing the child for the world and the challenges of the future. Our holistic approach provides multiple opportunities for students to discover and demonstrate their competence and grow up as useful citizens of the world.