The school aims to groom the ‘citizens of tomorrow’ through an integrated education model which encompasses the development of their physical, academic, emotional and social competences.

Our goal is to work with commitment coupled with the support of professionals in instilling values of honor and honesty in the students and boost their self-confidence, aptitude, creativity and knowledge.


Our mission is to advance the learning skills of students within a global context, by providing quality and affordable education and shaping generations of responsible global citizens.


We believe that we have the duty to foster the complete growth and development of each student’s personal and academic potential. Therefore, we are committed to guarantee:

  • Individualized opportunities that respond to the uniqueness of our learners,

  • Rigorous academic standards that ask for the best


We strive to provide all children with the care and support they need so that they can develop optimally. It concerns the highest possible form of good and appropriate education for every child admitted to our school. There are students who need more than the basic care. Students who have difficulty with the subject matter receive extra instruction, guidance or specific exercise material.