The Central Board of Secondary Education is popularly known as CBSE. As one of the most prestigious educational boards in India, it offers a well-researched syllabus incorporating the international trends.

Daily menu signs are posted at the beginning of all meal lines. Items offered as a part of lunch are listed within the grain, protein, milk, fruit and vegetable spaces on the menu board.

CBSE follows a cumulative approach for its syllabus. The syllabus is prepared in such a way that there is a continuity and link to previous topics of study. The advantage of this approach is that it makes remembering simple. Students are able to relate to what they had studied previously so they can construct new ideas on strong foundations.

Subjects CBSE mainly focuses on core subjects like mathematics and science, hence there are fewer subjects on hand for the students to study. Focusing only on core subjects makes it easier for the students to concentrate on subjects that may help them prepare for competitive exams.

Nationally Acclaimed Syllabus

The pattern for most of the competitive entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, PMT, Dental Courses, NDA, CDS and other Defense and Civil Services follow CBSE, as it is a nationally acclaimed syllabus in India.

  • Of the top 100 schools in India, 90 schools follow CBSE syllabus

  • 60% of the IIT intake comes from CBSE whereas it is only 10% from ICSE

  • 28% from all the State Boards and 2% from other schools

Why Us?

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